Stainless Steel Access Boxes

Vacuum Island

We now sell CarFlex!

Self-serve carwash operators can now take advantage of this innovative coin collection system. It’s quick and easy to unload. It also acts as your security system...keeping coins locked securely in heavy gauge steel.

It features a new tilt-out coin storage canister designed to pour the coins right from the canister into your money bag. That means no more shoveling or scooping coins by hand. The money bag fits easily over the mouth of the canister and tilts out for your convenience.

Our VAC-IT-UP® system also deters thieves and vandals. The vault is constructed of heavy gauge steel, and sealed with a continuous electrical weld. The door is stainless steel, complete with a Medeco lock.

The system is centrally located. It can be installed easily into most any location. The legs are secured to a concrete floor and the back is secured to the wall. PVC piping goes from the VAC-IT-UP® to your bays, or vacuum islands. The coins are vacuumed up through the piping to the canister, eliminating theft at the meters in the bays. VAC-IT-UP® is only activated when quarters are inserted in the meters (first coin activation).

You deserve the ease & convenience our VAC-IT-UP® centralized coin collection system has to offer.

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